April 2, 2020

Who can do it?

Children 2 years and older.


What do we need?

A box.

Different objects: Accessories (glasses, bracelet, necklace) clothes (socks, pants, shorts, t-shirt), kitchen utensils (pan, plate, spoon), food (rice, noodles, pear).


How do we do it?

Leave items within reach and sight of the child. For example, if you are at a bedroom, you must choose some clothes and leave them on the bed.


Say “I spy a cloth that is used to warm the feet” (show that part of the body).


Once the kid points the item, you must ask her/him to name it, “it is a sock”. You explain to her/him what it is used to, so in that way he/she is expanding his/her vocabulary.


The object that the kid found must go inside de box.


Keep playing with different objects found around the house.