July 10, 2020

With the purpose of collaborating in the task of helping to mitigate the level of contagions from COVID-19, CMPC continues to guarantee protection supplies for the community, especially in those areas where it is present. 

That is why CMPC will deliver free f charge 36 thousand surgical masks to residents of Puente Alto -where the company has been present for 100 years-, which in coordination with 36 neighborhood boards will be distributed to the inhabitants of the commune, especially to elder and sick people.

This Thursday, July 9, the donation process began with the first 8 thousand masks, which were delivered by the CMPC Deputy Manager of Public Affairs, Francisco Torrealba, to eight neighborhood boards. During the next weeks the remaining deliveries will be made until the compromised total of masks is completed.

According to Torrealba, “the mechanism is to be able to deliver a thousand masks to each 36 neighborhood boards of Puente Alto. It is the neighborhood boards who have most contact with the families and that makes the delivery more efficient, because in that way these masks are handled to the people who really need it. We have asked neighborhood boards to prioritize elder people and those with diseases”.

Also, the Human Resources Manager of CMPC Biopackaging Corrugados, Carolina Araya, who also participated in the delivery, assured that “we are working together with the community to protect ourselves and the population at risk of contracting coronavirus. We thank the 36 neighborhood boards for helping us distribute the masks and maintaining our commitment to the residents of Puente Alto”.

High quality masks

The masks to be donated are manufactured by CMPC’s subsidiary of hygiene and personal care products, Softys, at its Puente Alto plant and have the highest quality due to their fully automated production process, which guarantees high sanitary requirements since there is no human intervention during the manufacturing process.

Each mask complies with the highest international standards and is made up of 5 materials: Spunbond-type Non Woven outer shell; Meltblown type Non Woven intermediate layer (filter); Spunbond type Non Woven inner layer; nose bar, trim strip: metal covered with plastic; and elastic fastening material.

The Puente Alto mask production line has a capacity of between 60 and 80 masks per minute, reaching a production of 1 million 500 thousand masks per month. Given the high demand and need for this supply, CMPC will import and install a second machine with the same capacities in the coming months, also in Puente Alto.

Protection for Chile

Since the health crisis began in March, CMPC imported into Chile the first mask production machine, a process that in 60 days managed to reach the country, be installed, train personnel, start the first production and donate the first batch to the National Supply Center (Cenabast).

To date, the company has delivered 1,344,000 masks free of charge to that institution, which has distributed the supplies to different organizations such as the Chilean Fire Department, the Hogar de Cristo Foundation, the Las Rosas Foundation, Iquique health residences, Hospital Parroquial San Bernardo and Fundación Hospital Josefina Martínez, among others.

In addition, CMPC has delivered masks to various communes in southern Chile where it is present.