August 19, 2020
CMPC Foundation, together with the Public Affairs Management of CMPC Celulose, delivered 600 boxes of food to the most vulnerable families of the schools it supports, within the framework of the “CMPC Solidaria” plan in the communes of Laja, Mulchén, San Rosendo , Nacimiento, Negrete and Renaico, in southern Chile.
“We wanted to support the families that we accompany, through our educational programs, in these complex moments. To do this, thanks to the support of community relations from CMPC Celulose, we were able to have boxes with food, as well as a kit of materials and an activity booklet so that the children can continue working and learning at home”, explained Carolina Andueza , Executive Director of CMPC Foundation.
The delivery of this aid is being carried out this week, with the help of the educational establishments of each commune, who know better the needs of the families.
In this regard, Gerardo Cisterna, teacher in charge of the Dollinco de Nacimiento school, appreciated this initiative that will directly benefit children and their families who are going through difficult times. “In this school we have children with many needs and the CMPC Foundation has helped us for many years. So we sincerely appreciate this help that we will give to all the families as soon as possible ”.
Also, from the Vaquería de Negrete school, the Mayor of Negrete,  Javier Melo, referred to this aid. “We are immensely grateful to CMPC and its Foundation for this help that is for the most vulnerable families in our commune, according to the information provided by each establishment. Today we are supporting the distribution so that it reaches the neighbors as soon as possible”.
Alex Ortiz, Head of the Pedagogical Technical Unit of the Las Ciénagas school of Laja, pointed out that “we are very grateful for the contributions that the CMPC Foundation has given us at this time. They have been working with us for a long time, supporting the teachers in the areas of language and math and the management team. These boxes will be very well received by families”.
The director of the Ciénagas extended his gratitude to the Foundation for the support and pedagogical guidance they have given the school in these months of pandemic. “They have supported us in the way of structuring our work, they have given us material, videos and audios for the children to work at home. So their support has been fundamental in this period”, he concluded.