May 4, 2020

In the midst of the health crisis, the work of paper and cardboard individual collectors has been tested due to the need for new hygiene protocols, and the decrease in their income due to less recyclable materials. In fact, it is estimated that 35% to 45% has lowered the supply of used material because of the pandemic, according to data from the National Association of the Recycling Industry of Chile (ANIR).

That is why CMPC sought to collaborate with the individual collectors, with whom it maintains a close relationship of several years through the Biopackaging business area. Thus, the company, together with the Ministry of Environment and Sofofa, donated 250 kits with hygiene and personal care products, such as paper towels, baby wipes, toilet paper and tissue handkerchiefs. 

The aim of the campaign is to give the boxes to at least 1,300 paper and cardboard individual collectors from all over Chile. The boxes will be gathered at the National Institute and then delivered to the entire country. 

“All Chileans are experiencing difficult times, which have hit us very hard in our lifestyles, but individual collectors have been especially affected by this situation, because it directly impacts their income, and they are also exposed to contagion,” said Environment Minister, Carolina Schmidt.

The Corporate Affairs Manager of CMPC, Guillermo Turner, said that “for a long time we have had a strong relationship with paper and cardboard individual collectors, because we are one of the companies that recycles the most amount of paper and cardboard in Chile. That is why, and considering the importance that maintaining their jobs means to them, the society and the environment, as a company we want to help them with products for their personal care and hygiene”.

“We will overcome this sanitary crisis working together: the society, the Government, and private companies. That is why, more than ever, CMPC is committed to all members of the community, because that is how we can help to lower the risks of contagion of coronavirus, but also we have the challenge of helping to take care of our environment”, said Turner. 

Finally, the president of Sofofa, Bernardo Larraín, said that “the first line of recycling are the individual collectors, and it is very important for them to continue working and to do it with all the safeguards they deserve, the one that important companies have joined”.

In addition to CMPC, to this moment different companies have committed their help, such as Natura, Coca Cola, Tetrapack, McDonald´s, CCU and Pacto Chileno de los Plásticos. Also, through their management, organisms like the Ministry of Environment, Sofofa, Cempre Chile, Avina, Gaia, Fundación Árbol, Alianza Basura Cero, Triciclos, Cultia and Aintech have also supported this cause.