January 29, 2021

This collaboration accord between the state body and company will also help support rural entrepreneurs focused on tourism.

Nearly 75% of rural family farming is done between the Chilean regions of Maule and Los Lagos. In La Araucanía there are more than 50,000 families working in small-scale agriculture. 

Indap Araucanía and CMPC signed a collaboration agreement today with the aim of supporting projects that help improve the quality of life and competitiveness of small-scale farmers. 

Regional Director of Indap Carolina Meier and CMPC Manager of Public Affairs Augusto Robert signed a framework agreement, the purpose of which is to foment the rural agricultural and tourism initiatives of small-scale farmers in the Region of Araucanía. 

Meier stated that joint work between the State and companies strengthens any efforts to generate meaningful impacts in the rural world. “The objective of INDAP is to improve the quality of life of our users, so pursuing joint measures with CMPC to boost the productive development of the region and build commercial supply chains is very important. We will make available the production development and credit programs that we have to help close the rural family farming production gaps even more and create commercial supply chains,” said the regional agricultural body. 

Augusto Robert praised the opportunity to be able to support the rural world, which is also where the company operates. He added that, “This collaboration with Indap to develop rural family farming will strengthen the coexistence with forestry, which is so important in the area.”

He said, “It will help us coordinate and direct resources earmarked to improve and revitalize initiatives in the rural world in such a way that collaboration grows more efficient and helps boost the competitiveness of rural family farming, as we have been doing now for several years. There are a number of success stories in fruit cultivation, for example, producers have already begun exporting their goods”.

With this agreement, CMPC and Indap can coordinate and dedicate resources to small agricultural projects that support a series of agricultural and orchard activities. In addition to increasing provisions at home, fresh products can also be sold at local markets. 

Furthermore, this opens up another opportunity to support the initiatives around rural tourism, which in Araucanía have had a strong start as is clear with the case of the 37 entrepreneurs of the Carahue and Toltén River Routes.