The Executive Director of the CMPC Foundation presented the study of the Criando e Crescendo Program at the Harvard Center on Child Development

According to the study, 86% of the families that participated in the program showed improvements in their parenting skills, and 83% of them reduced their parental stress.

Carolina Andueza, Executive Director of the CMPC Foundation, presented the results of the first experimental impact assessment study conducted on the Criando y Creciendo program. The presentation took place at the Harvard Center on the Developing Child in Boston, United States, the model upon which the program is based.

“We wanted to share these great achievements, inspired by their work, and also explore future partnerships,” commented Carolina Andueza about her visit to Boston.

The main results of the study, which received guidance from UC Chile academic Marigen Narea, showed that 86% of the Criando y Creciendo families improved their parenting skills, and 83% of them reduced parental stress. In terms of satisfaction, the program has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93.3%. The results show that in seven weeks, the program achieves an impact on families.

Likewise, the Criando y Creciendo program is also implemented in Peru and has been translated into Portuguese, with implementation in Brazil starting in 2022 with the collaboration of CMPC partners. The program has reached over 2,500 families in 13 municipalities across seven regions of Chile.