Powell Valley Millwork Expands Offering Radiata Pine and Poplar Products Across North America

Powell Valley Millwork (PVM), a proud member of CMPC Wood Products, is enhancing its footprint to deliver premium Radiata Pine and Poplar millwork products throughout North America. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled customer service supported by substantial production capacities to meet any demand.

Strategic Kentucky Location for Swift Delivery

Located strategically in Kentucky, United States, our facilities ensure swift response times for a wide range of products, including raw and primed mouldings, as well as S4S trimboards, available in full truckloads or smaller unit quantities. The expanding supply chain for Radiata Pine enables us to satisfy growing needs from coast to coast.

Meeting Supplementary Requirements and Establishing New Accounts

We are well-positioned to address supplementary requirements that complement our import programs, alongside establishing new accounts for domestically sourced Radiata and Poplar materials.

Comprehensive Door and Window Components

Upcoming initiatives encompass comprehensive door and window components such as door jambs and stop profiles, featuring end-to-end customization capabilities.

Commitment to Tailored Solutions and Robust Production

Michael Thornberry, Sales Director Millwork for CMPC, expressed satisfaction with the market response, stating, “We are dedicated to meeting customer demands with a focus on tailored solutions. With robust production capacities, we are confident in our ability to serve a diverse market.”

Investments in Infrastructure and Advanced Equipment

In tandem with our growth trajectory, substantial investments in infrastructure and advanced equipment are underway to bolster production capacities. Amidst our expansion, our steadfast commitment to meticulous attention to detail and product quality remains unwavering.

Experienced Workforce Ensuring Seamless Shipping

Brett Warriner, Plant Manager for the Jeffersonville site, highlighted the pivotal role of our experienced workforce in achieving success, emphasizing, “Our molding and priming lines at Powell Valley have paved the way for our new Radiata Pine material. Our team’s expertise ensures that Poplar and Radiata products are shipped together seamlessly, showcasing our unique market position”.