April 3, 2020

Who can do it?

Children 2 years and older

What do we need?

Lollypop stick, brochette.

Paper, cardboard or eva foam to do the faces.

Wool and a mirror.

How do we do it?

-Make “lollypops” with faces that shows emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, madness, etc.)

-Invite your child to choose a “lollypop” and the to name the chosen emotion.

-Looking at each other eyes imitate the expression with your face.

You can also look at a mirror and look at each other.

-Show him/her different images that represent different emotions, so he/she could identify the one he/she chose.

While observing to different emotional situations, your child will acknowledge the feeling they cause.

-This “lollypops” can be left can be left within reach for use whenever you want.