CMPC recognized among the 25 top companies in Chile for professional development

In its second edition, LinkedIn’s “Top Companies” ranking highlighted Chilean companies that offer more opportunities for their employees’ professional development.

The professional social network and LinkedIn platform published in Chile its ‘Top Companies’ ranking for the second consecutive year. In it they select the best companies in the country in terms of promoting their employees’ professional success over the long term. CMPC made it to the top ten on the list along with other companies in the retail, technology, mining, banking and financial services, human resources industries, and more.

In order to create the list, the platform uses its own data in addition to being guided by seven criteria or pillars of evaluation that depict various professional growth elements. Thus, the capacity for professional growth within companies was analyzed, which includes the following: skills development; company stability in terms of turnover and percentage of employees who remain with it for at least three years; external opportunities generated for employees; affinity with the company, referring to the degree of connection between employees to measure how supportive the business culture is; gender diversity; and finally academic training, a component that measures the educational level of employees to discover how varied the range of professionals within companies is.

Likewise, companies that did not exceed a 10% turnover rate that had at least 500 employees in Chile were selected. Those that have laid off 10% or more of their workforce between the first of January 2022 and the launch of the list were also excluded.

There are several initiatives that CMPC has led that make it one of the best places for human development. Some of them are the goal of achieving gender equity, reaching an inclusion percentage of 2.5% by 2025, implementing flexible work programs and expanding men’s paternity leave.

“We are quite pleased about having received this award, which is also an incentive to keep working in this direction. Companies are made by the people in them, and having the best professionals is an important part of our strategy. As this ranking says, the challenge is to adapt in the midst of a changing and uncertain scenario so that we’ll continue to be a good place for professional development,” said CMPC CEO Francisco Ruiz-Tagle.

In total, CMPC has more than 23,000 employees in the 12 countries where it operates. The company has a talent attraction program and works on four training components for developing human capital: the Functional and Technical component for developing capabilities and skills; Certifications, which works around regulatory standards, certifications and audit processes; Method, for designing training activities that strengthen the common objective, efficient processes and continuous improvements; and Conduct, which works on leadership skills.

The Top Companies list will be published in 36 countries around the world for 2023. In the case of Latin America, together with Chile, rankings will be drawn up for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.