Creando Valor Natural

Recover an ancestral tree, revive a historic river route, promote development, value local crafts, develop environmentally friendly products. We believe in solutions inspired by nature. Together we create natural value

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A Collipulli neighbor remembers what is was like to not have running water: “To really bathe well you had to gather rainwater first.”

The Water for Chile Challenge project led by Desafío Levantemos Chile and CMPC plans to deliver fast water access to more than 750 families within two years in the Biobío and La Araucanía regions. Residents currently depend on tanker trucks to stock up on this hard-to-get resource for both personal use and for their animals and crops.

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More than 100 entrepreneurs can access the Reactivate Your SME Program led by CMPC-UdeC

In 2020 in the Regions of Biobío and La Araucanía, 68 entrepreneurs graduated from the first edition of the Program led by UdeC in an agreement with CMPC Companies

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CMPC Board Approves Resources for the Construction of the CMPC - DuocUC Campus in Biobio

The future higher education center will effectively have 700 students that will be able to access dual and continuing technical and vocational education, in addition to training for workers and suppliers.

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The health authority extends the operational period of the vaccine centers in Nacimiento and Los Ángeles.

After the success of both multi-vaccine centers provided by CMPC, an agreement was made with the company, the Municipalities of Los Ángeles and Nacimiento, and the Biobío Health Services to extend and reinforce vaccination.

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Safe summer on the Carahue and Toltén Navigable river routes

More than 22 entrepreneurs from La Araucanía are now ready to receive tourists safely from Covid-19 thanks to the Arriba Todos Juntos plan that adds more than 500 beneficiaries, being them small and medium entrepreneurs from four regions of Chile.

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The Marileo community plants 800 native trees to protect the water sources in the La Araucanía Region.

Eight months ago in October 2020 this community in Lautaro saw a big change in everyday life thanks to the Water for Chile Challenge Project. This CMPC and Desafío Levantemos Chile initiative ensured the permanent provision of this vital resource for local development and everyday use.

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“We have to address the new demands, which are a consequence of not having understood that it was necessary to make adequate progress in the first place”

During the launch of CMPC’s 2020 Comprehensive Report, the former President of Chile Ricardo Lagos reflected on the economic, social and environmental problems facing the country and highlighted the active role that companies can play in moving beyond this crisis.

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Native plant reforestation on the shores of Lleulleu Lake begins

In the Region of Biobío, 14 families that live around Lleulleu Lake also work in other areas, helping improve their quality of life.

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More than 1,000 homes and 4,000 people are recycling in Collipulli, Laja, Los Ángeles, Mulchén and Nacimiento

These efforts are part of the Comunas sin Basura (Trash-free Neighborhoods) program, a series of regional initiatives implemented by CMPC, the municipalities of each district, social organizations and Kyklos.

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Poñi: the project for showcasing the potatoes of Tirúa

One of the signature foods of the Mapuche culture is planted in the fields of Arauco where a group of farmers have joined forces to sell their products under the Poñi brand, as told in a report made by Fibras que Innovan in La Tercera newspaper.

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CMPC receives top honors for its energy management efforts and is positioned as a leader in the efficient energy use.

Under the framework of this year’s Energy Efficiency Seal, the company obtained the Efficient Transportation and Electromobility award once again and was acknowledged in the Gold category for energy efficiency in of its 11 production facilities.

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Progress of an unprecedented joint development project undertaken by LLeulleu Lake neighbors

The 90 families that are part of the Juan Lincopan community along with CMPC are working on implementing a tourist center, restoring native forest, cultivating the land, creating new jobs and setting up intercultural spaces.

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The startup that seduced CMPC Ventures

At the end of last year, the CMPC Ventures management left, headed by Bernardita Araya, who seeks to promote ventures with innovative developments. The first startup selected was Strong by Form, which manufactures a sustainable wood-based material that will be used for construction and motor racing.

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President of Empresas CMPC: “We look to the future with a sense of optimism”

In the framework of the CMPC Annual General Meeting, the chairman of the board, Mr. Luis Gazitúa, paid special attention to the company’s vision looking ahead to the next couple of years.

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The “Building the Future” Program helps students in Maule, Biobío and Araucanía progress along their higher education paths

This year the initiative has benefitted 400 students by providing financial aid and a professional support network for young people from diverse communities, including Tirúa, Cañete, Ercilla, Nacimiento, Los Angeles, Talca, Concepción, and others.

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Fires threaten our forests. Taking care of them is everyone's job.

Ruil, pitao, quillay, among other species of Chilean native flora are threatened by wildfires. That is why CMPC has this season teams with great experience in fire fighting and prevention, but taking care of our forests also depends on you.

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The other side of the coin: when there is no water

“Having water supplied to our homes will be very good for the women in the community. It’s going to change daily life,” said Teresa Colipi of the Calcoy region, who is benefited by the Water for Chile Challenge.

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CMPC is certified as a leading company in water management and the fight against deforestation.

The prestigious international organization CDP has provided the results of its 2020 survey, which evaluated more than 5,800 companies in terms of leadership, transparency and environmental action.

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CMPC has positioned itself as the second most sustainable forestry company in the world

This, according to the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Likewise, this is the sixth year that CMPC is listed in the DJSI Chile, fourth in the MILA Pacific Alliance and second in the Emerging Markets indexes.

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The “Water for Chile Challenge” project is launched to bring drinking water to rural communes in the southern area

This initiative, led by CMPC and Desafío Levantemos Chile, seeks to provide access to this basic need to 4 communes in the La Araucanía region and one in the Biobío region. The first, “Abasto Santa Aurelia” will benefit 40 families from the Marileo community.

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Tips for these days at home

CMPC Foundation, through its HIPPY program, gives us tips to take care of ourselves as a family, entertain and stimulate our children now that we are at home.

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Sports tips to do at home these days

Outstanding athletes from Club Deportivo Universidad Católica and Puente Alto Basket give easy and simple exercise recommendations to perform inside the house during these days.

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Recycle, reuse and compost from home

CMPC together with Chile sin Basura, deliver tutorials and recommendations to reduce or reuse the garbage generated during the long stay at home, to take care of our planet and contribute to reducing coronavirus infection to those who do the job of collecting the trash.

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