The green firebreak initiative provides fire protection and animal fodder

  • The pilot project is part of the 7,800 kilometers of firebreaks already built by CMPC.
  • The initiative seeks to generate productive coexistence between forests and communities, in addition to protecting people from the threat of forest fires.

CMPC has developed a forest fire prevention pilot project in Victoria in the Araucanía region. It is a silvopastoral system situated within a neighborhood interface zone. Thanks to the rotational animal grazing in fenced areas and the planting of forage species that retain moisture without needing any irrigation, a natural barrier results, retarding or impeding the advance of future fires.

A forage plant commonly called buckhorn plantain (Plantago lanceolata) was chosen for this initiative, a perennial species that can live up to five years. This variety is drought resistant, as it can retain a high moisture percentage.

After touring the green firebreak with local residents, CMPC Forests Public Affairs Manager Ignacio Lira mentioned the dual-purpose pilot plan that was set up on 1.1 hectares, in the Victoria district. “For us at CMPC, our first concern in a fire is the life and property of our neighbors. That’s why we came up with the innovative initiative of implementing a green firebreak, which is conducive to the productive coexistence of forests and communities that also serves to stop fires in their tracks, protecting the area from spreading fires.” 

For the people who live near the firebreak, the initiative provides some security against future emergencies, as María Elvira Mariman stated, “This measure was carried out really well. It not only helps us feed our animals, it also works for fire prevention. This is great for me, and it also looks very nice.” 

For her part, fellow neighbor Gissela Tonioni appreciates the green firewall project. “It’s something we’ve never seen before. It’s great for preventing fires and especially for feeding animals. This is a safe initiative, so I thank the company for carrying out this project in our area.”


CMPC currently has nearly 7,800 kilometers of firebreaks built on the perimeters of its properties, much of them in interface zones, such as the pilot project that was implemented with the forage plant on the Hospital farmland, and it benefits residents of the Juan Maril Pu-Weche community of Victoria.