Primeros Pueblos sets up shop in Temuco, promoting artisans from the regions of Biobío and La Araucanía

This is the second store of this novel initiative financed by CMPC in Chile, which has successfully positioned the work of various entrepreneurs from southern Chile.

Gourmet products, ceramics, blankets, jewelry, leathers and many other high-quality handicrafts are available as of this week to Temuco residents and visitors thanks to the opening of the new Primeros Pueblos [First Nations] store in the regional capital of La Araucanía, Chile. Primeros Pueblos is a CMPC initiative that seeks to provide a physical and virtual place for selling products that are handmade by Chilean artisans from the regions of Biobío and La Araucanía who are part of this program. The first location is in the Vitacura neighborhood of the Metropolitan Region.   

The new store located at 427 Arturo Prat Street in Temuco was inaugurated with a well-attended ceremony on Tuesday. “Primeros Pueblos is a territory that speaks through its unique products, made 100% by hand by creators and communities from La Araucanía and Biobío. This an invitation to get to know and share the fruits of this collaboration between our company and the community, and hold a piece of southern Chile in your hands. The store seeks to bring people closer to the traditions and culture of rural communities in the south under the rules of fair trade while respecting the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation,” said Juan Pablo Fuentes, CMPC Southern Relations Deputy Manager.

For her part, Nancy Epulef Barra, who is part of the artisans of Primeros Pueblos, said, “I’m happy to participate in this inauguration of the store that I’ve been a part of since the very start. We’re happy that CMPC is working with the community. That’s what is needed; for us to work together with them providing work while we also contribute from our side. I’ve been working as an artisan from a very young age. My grandmother and mother both worked in handicrafts. My dream was to have a job in a store, so I’m fulfilling my goals here. As a Mapuche woman, I want to continue working with them, and I hope to open a store outside the country one day.” 

The store has products from 65 entrepreneurs from different places from these regions of Chile. The aim is to become a single brand that guarantees quality, authenticity and belonging to the same territory. Most products are original limited editions made by people whose stories can be found on each label.

Every item at Primeros Pueblos has a well-known creator and a story that is characterized by being in harmony with the environment. Furthermore, this new space follows the rules of fair trade, thus supporting small producers through an ethical, supportive and equitable system that helps their businesses be self-sufficient thanks to the various foundations for transactions that help them stand alongside large industrial producers.

Primeros Pueblos has two physical stores as of right now; however, its products can also be purchased on the website There you’ll find a large selection of wood, fiber and ceramic crafts, among others, grouped by price range, product type and seasonal sales throughout the year.

CMPC’s Role

This CMPC project promotes cultural, social and productive coexistence, encouraging an active and permanent bond with neighbors and communities of native peoples through numerous initiatives. Some of the other notable ones include tourism and forest recreation, the conservation of native flora and fauna, the protection of cultural sites, development of community agricultural projects and the preservation of traditional craftwork.