Business areas

The company has streamlined its operations into three main business areas in order to develop its various product lines while maintaining a healthy financial performance that helps it keep on growing, innovating and building equity for its shareholders and other stakeholders.

Business areas

Cellulose is the base material for all the products derived from paper that we know of. It is the fiber from sustainable and certified plantations. It is the fiber that moves us and that has enabled humanity to communicate, learn and improve their standard of living for thousands of years.

Products with which we live daily, such as paper for notebooks, printing paper, books, tissue paper, paper for corrugating and making cardboard, cardboard, etc., are made from cellulose, which is marketed in bundles made up of sheets very similar to a thicker cardboard. Different types of cellulose are also present in other occasions of our lives, such as in some food or in clothing. Cellulose is a noble material, coming from nature and biodegradable, that has accompanied humanity for hundreds of years.

CMPC Celulosa is our subsidiary that produces and markets pulp and wooden products and it is also in charge of our forest assets, through the following subsidiaries: CMPC Pulp, CMPC Maderas, Forestal Mininco, Bosques del Plata and CMPC Celulosa Riograndense.

We have forest assets in Brazil, Chile and Argentina, in addition to manufacturing operations in Chile and Brazil, where the main products are: logs for pulp, sawn logs, sawn wood, remanufactured wood, Plywood boards and long and short fiber cellulose.

CEO: Raimundo Varela Labbe.

CMPC Biopackaging is CMPC’s packaging business, which offers sustainable solutions based on natural fibers, to promote, transport and protect our customers’ products.

Our products serve end users in segments as diverse as consumer goods, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, chemicals, industrial products, agricultural products, horticultural products and salmon.

Among our customers are leading companies at a local, regional and global level.


CEO: Jorge Navarrete

Development and progress of countries poses innumerable challenges and goals. One of them is hygiene. Tissue products, made from virgin fiber and also recycled materials, seek to meet persons’ daily needs. From the most precious, such as care of children and grandparents, to the essential complement for meetings with families or friends.

At Softys we have industrial operations in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Chile.

Among our main brands in the toilet paper category and paper towels are Elite at the regional level, Confort and Nova in Chile and Higienol and Sussex in Argentina.

Disposable diapers, for children and adults, and feminine pads are marketed under Babysec, Cotidian and Ladysoft brands.


CEO: Gonzalo Darraidou