CMPC was recognized by Fundación Futuro for its nature, conservation and biodiversity strategy

The distinctions are part of the 30th anniversary of the organization, and were awarded to different people and representatives of organizations in Concepción for their contributions to local society.

Many of the different sectors of greater Concepción met on Thursday at the Cafetería 440 in the city, which is a dependent of the local Archbishopric, in order to witness the “Ciudad Concepción 2023” awards ceremony of the Futuro Foundation under the framework of its 30th anniversary.

The award was aimed at highlighting different people and representatives of organizations from the cities of Chiloé, Antofagasta, La Serena, Punta Arenas, Valparaíso and Concepción.  

Specifically, men, women or institutions that have made a contribution to the quality of life, well-being, beauty, solidarity, innovation and democracy of their cities were recognized.  CMPC received one of the nine awards for its contribution in the environmental field for its nature, conservation and biodiversity strategy.

“CMPC is a company that is truly part of the region. We’re headquartered in the city of Los Angeles, and we’re very proud of this award. We’re also proud of our strategy to conserve nature and diversity. In addition to being a document with a lot of depth, it’s a document we’re putting into practice regarding the tragedy of the forest fires last season. We’re recovering burned forests in the areas surrounding the districts of Nacimiento. In Santa Juana, we’re pursuing initiatives that are very important from the point of view of its contribution to nature, such as the biological corridor, which is probably the largest biological corridor that is being created in Chile,” said CMPC Corporate Affairs Manager Guillermo Turner.

Regarding choosing the award winners, Futuro Foundation Director Magdalena Piñera said, “We seek information, we ask and listen, we read the press and find out what is happening around the region, but what we like most is seeing people from different worlds coming together. We select winners with an open heart, seeking to unite different worlds in conversation, dialogue and working together in a context of relating to one another, which we must do as a society.”

Here are the other winners in addition to CMPC: Pablo Dittborn from the Puerto de Ideas Biobío Festival, Julio González Leiva from Enrique Molina Garmendia Secondary School, Beatriz Millán from Incuba UdeC, Arnoldo Weber from the Steel Artists Corporation, Mauro Mosciatti from Bío Bío Radio, Monsignor Fernando Chomalí of the Archbishopric of Concepción for his initiative of Industrial Laundry 21, Pedro Castillo from the restaurant “Picá de Pedro”, and María Eliana Vega for her work in defense of human rights and remembering history.

Futuro Foundation

Since its creation in 1993, the Futuro Foundation has worked to promote connections among teachers and citizens with the city, local heritage, education and nature, with the conviction that urban spaces and the environment are par excellence educational places for reflection and coexistence. 

Sebastián Piñera Echenique was president of the Futuro Foundation from its inception until 2010, when he became president of Chile for the first time. His daughter Magdalena Piñera Morel has held the position ever since then.