20 entrepreneurs from Victoria, Angol and Collipulli will be part of CMPC’s Experience Tourism Certificate Program

The course includes four in-person modules for a total of 80 hours. It is part of the second edition of the Malleco Tourism Program.

In order to support local development while focusing on the conservation and protection of nature, CMPC has created a series of initiatives associated with promoting special interest tourism as an activity that aids in the growth of communities.  The 2023 Malleco Tourism Entrepreneurship Support Program in its second edition is one of the initiatives geared toward the formation of human capital. This likewise applies to the Experience Tourism Certificate Program.

CMPC together with the Vertical Institute – the agency in charge of the program – began the second edition of the Experience Tourism Certificate Program at the Espacio Fibra Local [Local Fiber Zone] in Temuco. The course includes 80 hours of training in which 20 entrepreneurs from Victoria, Angol and Collipulli will participate.

CMPC Territorial Relations Deputy Manager Gustavo Apablaza stressed that the certificate program aims to provide local entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to improve the quality of local tourism and broaden their vision with respect to the potentials in the area. “We would like to encourage tourism in Malleco because we believe there is a high potential for special interest tourism. There are initiatives that we’ve been developing for some time such as the Nahuelbuta Eco Route, which has tremendous potential, and our CMPC Junquillar Park in the Angol community is the gateway to the area. We are also working in Collipulli with the Tañin Folil Route and supporting local entrepreneurs to improve standards so they can better serve visitors to the area,” he said.  

Meanwhile, Sergio Araya, Director of Vertical Education, the agency teaching the certificate program, said, “It is structured so that entrepreneurs will learn to design tourism experiences from the most experiential way possible, where they will be applying and developing different tourist experiences in their particular sectors.” Regarding the first workshops in the course, Araya said, “Its purpose is to provide tools for the unique experience they’re going to design in the certificate course and take it and transform it into a business idea that is sustainable.  We hope that each participant comes up with a good project so they can qualify for the grant competitions that support ventures that are just getting started.”  

Program Entrepreneurs

Ricardo Antinao, who will participate in this new edition of the certificate program, is from the district of Victoria and has been working and directing his own business “Los Pinos Campground”, which is located alongside the river. “I have always liked to find the value in things and in the environment so that it has viability. May the older people who have already lived, get to rest. The idea is to leave a legacy to the youngest, because nature should not be lost. We have to take care of it. We work a lot on the cleanliness of the place and well-being. It is beautiful and welcoming, surrounded by nature,” he said. 

Elsa Valenzuela of the cabin rental business “El Cajón de Nahuelbuta” said that she started her project in 2020 in order to have an income and that she is very grateful for this opportunity. “Participating in the certificate program is a great opportunity to focus on doing things the right way. We have all the desire, the location, and the cabin in our case, but we lack the preparation and tools to know how to work and offer our services correctly. It will help us a lot to be able to move forward in what we are doing. Being able to get ahead with our plans is the best gift around,” she concluded.