Material Issues

By material issues or materiality, we understand the set of issues that represent the main impacts that an organization has, or may have, on its stakeholders and the environment. This, according to the characteristics of the organization, the sector in which it operates, and the context in which it develops its business, including the entire value chain.

For 2018, CMPC carried out a comprehensive materiality analysis, in order to identify and prioritize these issues, and allowing the different areas of the company to address them. To identify the material issues, four phases were carried out, each consisting of a series of steps, as following:

Stage 1

Corporate and Business Units
1. Analysis of internal and external secondary information
2. Internal interviews

Stage 2

1. Competitive benchmark
2. Geographical context analysis
3. Interviews with (local) external sustainability experts
4. Interviews with stakeholders

Stage 3

Perspective of Subsidiaries
1. Interviews with general managers of subsidiaries

Stage 4

1. Analysis of material issues
2. Validation workshops
3. Workshop with the Corporate Affairs Committee