Sustainable forest management and certified management

As part of our public commitment to no deforestation or forest degradation, we have adhered to demanding sustainable forest management standards, through different global certification initiatives. This implies compliance with strict principles in direct forestry operations, also encouraging their compliance in indirect operations. In this way, we manage to obtain almost the total of raw material produced covered by this commitment.

The company goal is to maintain all certifications and, by 2030, increase the coverage to 100% of sustainable forest management and production and consumption of certified raw material.

  • In Brazil and Chile, forest assets are certified in sustainable forest management. In Argentina, although we work under the same approach, we have an ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification. In 2021, forest certification process is underway.
  • We participate in different external initiatives to promote the implementation of policies related to sustainable forest management, specifically with those in charge of formulating and advising policies on the matter; governments, certification schemes, union and community associations, NGOs, and also funding research. In all cases, the company promotes the importance of forest certifications and compliance with their requirements.
  • As of 2006, in Chile, and in 2009 in Brazil, we carried out recovery work on native species in farming centers Carlos Douglas in Los Ángeles, Chile, and Barba Negra, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.
  • We are an active part of The Forests Dialogue, New Generation Plantations and Forest Solutions Group, the last two dependant on WWF and WBCSD, respectively.
  • To ensure traceability and quality of the fiber, each Business has Chain of Custody and Controlled Timber certifications.

Forest assets, productive and conservation surface in ha

2017 2018 2019 2020
Forest assets 1,151.491 1,152,545 1,189,680 1,287,115
Productive surface 831,016 866,380 896,444
Conservation, protection and/or restoration surface 321,529 325,995 *385,726

*Note: Some administrative uses, bodies of water and others have been added to the conservation, protection and/or restoration surface

Forest assets certified in sustainable forest management in ha

  2018 2019 2020
Certified forest assets 976,930 976,649 974,433
% of total certified assets 90.2% 90.3% 90.1%
Third parties forest assets 64.720 65.885 125,716
% of total certified third parties assets 100% 40.5% 61.1%

Certified raw material, in m3

  2018 2019 2020
Total raw material produced (CMPC + third parties) 20,217,000 20,838,000 21,089,000
% of raw material produced by CMPC, with respect to total 88.40% 84.50% 8.55%
Percentage of raw material produced by third parties, with respect to total 14.90% 18.10% 17.45%
Percentage of certified raw material with respect to total consumed 97.00% 96.40% 95.00%