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CMPC Tissue is the Company subsidiary that produces and sells toilet paper, paper towels, serviettes, facial tissue, diapers for children and adults, and sanitary napkins.

These products are sold under various brand names, but Elite is the brand used in the Latin America region. Confort and Nova in Chile, and Higienol and Sussex in Argentina, are the leading brands in the toilet paper and paper towel markets, respectively.

Disposable diapers for babies, diapers for adults and sanitary napkins are sold under the Babysec, Cotidian and Ladysoft brand names.

Industrial units:

  • Chile: Tissue Chile
  • Argentina: La Papelera del Plata
  • Brazil: Melhoramentos CMPC
  • Colombia: Drypers Andina and Protisa Colombia
  • Ecuador: Protisa
  • Mexico: ABSORMEX
  • Peru: Protisa
  • Uruguay: Ipusa


US$ 223 million
Consolidated EBITDA
Total sales in tons
2.7 billion
Total number of baby diapers sold


Gonzalo Darraidou – CEO CMPC Tissue

Gonzalo Darraidou studied Business and Administration at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Mr. Darraidou served as CEO of Forus S.A., and in November 2015, he assumed as CEO CMPC Tissue.

Board of Directors

Luis Felipe Gazitúa Achondo
Hernán Rodríguez Wilson
Verónica Edwards Guzmán
Jorge Larrain Matte
Jorge Matte Capdevila
Bernardo Matte Izquierdo
Pablo Turner González