Water care

CMPC understands that water is key to the survival of life on earth, for this reason we make great efforts to contribute to water care related to our operations. Forest plantations have international certifications with high water management standards (ISO 14,001 and OHSAS 18,001) to safeguard efficiency and limit the environmental impact on this resource.

Protection of water collections, mainly from watersheds, for our neighboring communities’ consumption is fundamental. This implies efforts to constantly reduce consumption and to encourage the reuse and recycling of water resources.

Permanent sources of water are conserved by way of land strips with native vegetation, which improve the quality and quantity of the resource, given that these strips minimize the displacement of sediments generated by forest operations toward the channels.

According to the place of operation, we make use of superficial or subterranean water sources, and our investments in this area are focused both on decreasing overall consumption and in achieving treatment of the water we use; we continuously move toward the achievement of both aims.