Climate Change Policy

CMPC recognizes its responsibility for climate action in line with its mission, values, and corporate purpose. We rely on scientific data which indicates that human activity has been accelerating global warming. We also understand that deteriorating environmental conditions could in turn have an adverse effect on humanity.

That is why we are committed to:


Striving towards a low-carbon economy based on renewable natural resources and a circular business model.


Following applicable international climate change related conventions and principles, while complying with local legislature and existing regulations on the subject matter in the countries where we operate.


Working with our people, communities, providers, clients and other stakeholders on building awareness about climate change and its impacts in order to inspire action and develop a shared response.


Promoting the carbon capture and storage potential of our forest plantations and products.


Measuring and reporting our greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis, as well as publicly disclosing our climate performance.


Setting quantitative science-based targets for the reduction of our carbon footprint.


Integrating climate issues into our corporate risk assessment, the design of effective adaptation measures and the search for new business opportunities