Value creation in the territory

CMPC defines seven Value Creation Areas to develop its social investment projects for its local communities.

CULTURE AND INTEGRATION: Focused on providing equal access to quality education in CMPC’s areas of influence.

EDUCATION AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: The purpose of this project area is to promote educational actions aimed at the community, carried out directly by cmpc or with other organizations.

FOREST AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES: Promote the use of ecosystem services, understanding the forest as part of the community and, therefore, it should be valued, used by the community and cared for so that it contributes to the development of the territories.

LOCAL SUPPLY CHAIN: This value creation area seeks to enhance the development of local suppliers and their collaborators, so that they can become autonomous.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND PRODUCTIVE COEXISTENCE: Generation of economic development through the promotion of entrepreneurship among the inhabitants of the communities, directly benefiting the neighbors of the territories.

SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND QUALITY OF LIFE: We seek to provide communities with access to basic services, improvements in infrastructure, green areas, training and opportunities to promote citizen participation in both social and environmental issues.

ACCESS TO WATER AND SANITATION: Contribute to improve the quality of life of neighbors through access to water and sanitation throughout innovative and collaborative solutions and also over training opportunities.

Fundación CMPC

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Fundación CMPC total beneficiaries.

2018 2019 2020 2021
Capacitación Docente, Criando y Creciendo, Hippy Chile programs. 8.9 thousand children 6.8 thousand children 5.3 thousand children 4.9 thousand children
Coronel Alessandri Park and Los Angeles Artequim museum. 195 thousand visitors 160 thousand visitors 48.9 thousand visitors 64.7 thousand visitors

Program beneficiaries and, localities coverage

2018 2019 2020 2021
Children Locations Children Locations Children Locations Children Locations
Capacitación docente (acompañamiento a escuelas) 8,012 11  5,407 9 3,704 9 2,931 23
Criando y Creciendo 1,100 4 1,172 5 1,111 5 2,046 37
Fomento Literario 7,200 9
HIPPY Chile 37 1 230 8 497 11 886 11

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