Local Suppliers

By local supplier, we refer to companies in the region where the forestry operation or production plant is located that support the responsible sourcing and supply of raw materials and services required for business continuity.

Number and Percentage of Local Suppliers and Contractors, and MSMEs

  2018 2019 2020 2021
Total number of suppliers and contractors 31,428 25,339 24,333 22,054
Percentage of local suppliers and contractors 26.90% 31.21% 30.29%
 Percentage of MSME suppliers and contractors 7.8%

Note 1: New methodology applied to calculate local suppliers per country with a direct relationship to CMPC

Expense in USD MM

2018 2019 2020 2021
Suppliers and contractors 4,667 4,629 4,583 4,879
Local suppliers and contractors 85% 82.89% 84.05%
MSME suppliers and contractors 18.86% 18.26% 17.36%


Please go to Processes and Products/Sustainable Operation/Responsible Sourcing to learn more about our responsible sourcing.