Local Development

We want to generate positive impact initiatives akin to the activities of the company by offering the public access to our production sites and transforming our forests and mills into a driving force for local economic development, while at the same time contributing to the conservation, restoration, and protection of nature and establishing a new paradigm for the engagement with Mapuche communities in the South of Chile.

Focus areas for community engagement and local development efforts

1. Education and culture 2. Business ventures 3. Outdoor life
Support educational initiatives for the community, run directly by CMPC and in some cases in collaboration with other organizations, always with the benefit to the community in mind. Bring about local development by encouraging business ventures among community members, which directly benefit neighboring communities. Contribute to the creation of outdoor spaces designed for people to enjoy time outside and improve their quality of life.

Educational and cultural programs carried out in 2019

Program Beneficiaries
Drinking water for the Sao Gabriel municipal school in Rio Grande do Sul 100 people
Partnership CMPC and DUOC UC Professional Institute 200 students
Support for the Paraty Book Fair 26,400 Assistants
Formando Chile in CMPC Puente Alto 50 people
Partnership with technical professional high schools 73 students
Scholarships 256 students
Employability training program 2,478 people
Music schools, bringing communities closer to their culture 1,000 children
Factory for accordion players 530 people
Biobio and Araucania regions in 100 words  
Environmental education workshops 5,000 children
Forests are life 9 schools and 1,334 students

Business ventures programs carried out in 2019

Berry gardens 100 business ventures
Collipulli market 100 stands
Santa Veronica neighborhood 21 business ventures
CMPC fund 361 organizations
Embrapa farmers day 1,112 community leaders

Outdoor life programs carried out in 2019

Partnership with sports clubs  
WimBelemDon 75 students
Guaiba eco run 2,000 participants
Construction of holiday centers  
Caravana cultural fair 13,500 people
Projari Orchestra 150 students
Rebuilding homes 24 families
Virada Sustentável > 1.5 million people
Community approach by Softys Argentina 6,000 people
CMPC 100 year cup  

Most important social investment projects

Project Description Beneficiaries
Promoting local fibers Creation of two spaces where local entrepreneurs from the communities adjacent to our forestry operations can offer their products. The first of these spaces is located in the center of the city of Temuco and also has a coffee shop and co-working space open to the public, while the second one is part of the Alessandri Park in the municipality of Coronel. 35 entrepreneurs and 2 groups
River route on Rio Imperial An initiative to promote and develop tourism on the Río Imperial river in the Araucania region, Chile, by improving skills and abilities, local infrastructure and facilities in order to make tourism a strategic pillar for the economic development of the municipality. 20 entrepreneurs
Kuyulche vegetable charcoal The project encourages business ventures for the production of vegetable charcoal for the indigenous communities neighboring forest plantations in Lumaco, Chile. 65 entrepreneurs
Ñocha Malen (Ñocha Woman) A program supporting a cooperative of ñocha basket weavers to improve their products and services, increase orders, meet with clients, and consolidate their organizational and partnership structure. 75 artisans

Social investment in community engagement and local development by CMPC Celulosa Brazil, Chile and the CMPC Foundation in USD

  2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of programs       > 55
CMPC Celulosa (Brazil)       3,980,405
CMPC Celulosa (Chile)       6,080,788
CMPC Foundation       3,435,258*
Total       13,496,451
*CMPC Foundation´s social investment includes its educational and cultural programs, the total ammount disclosed excludes the administration spends