Local development

We want to create initiatives with positive impact and linked to the company’s activity, opening the production processes to the citizens, transforming forests and plants into catalysts for the development of the territories, contributing to conservation, restoration, and protection, and establishing a new framework of engagement with the Mapuche people, in the case of the south of Chile.

Components of community engagement and local development

1. Education and culture 2. Entrepreneurship 3. Outdoor life and environment
Promote educational activities aimed at the community, carried out directly by CMPC along with other organizations. Generate local development through the promotion of entrepreneurship among the inhabitants of the communities. Contribute to the creation of spaces to improve people’s quality of life.

Main social initiatives by components

CMPC Foundation Fibra local (Local Fiber): a space of cultural interchange Parque Santa Olga (Santa Olga Park): new outdoor meeting place
Contributes to the education and culture of local students, by building the capacities of local stakeholders and creating long-term partnerships. With 58 professionals, the Foundation has been working since 2000 to carry out its programs in the areas of education and culture in 4 regions of Chile, with presence in 14 municipalities and reaching an impact on 52 educational establishments. Space created to make visible and enhance the work of entrepreneurs and artisans from the Maule, Biobío and Araucanía regions in Chile. Contributes to the exchange, visualization and marketing of products.
Fibra Local operates under the international principles of fair trade, of the World Fair Trade Organization and does not have intermediaries between producers and consumers, in order to make them more accessible and to cover minimum operating costs. There is no profit margin for the store nor for CMPC.
For its implementation, four steps are carried out:

  1. Survey of entrepreneurs and producers in the territory
  2. Training and formalization of producers
  3. Support in adding value to products (innovation and design)

4. Marketing of products through the Emprende Local fund

Because of the mega wildfires that occurred in 2017, the Maule Region in Chile – an area that is largely dedicated to the wood industry – was one of the most affected, and Santa Olga was destroyed by the fire.CMPC committed to the reconstruction of the town,building two neighborhood centers, housing, the Enrique Mac Iver Multipurpose School, streets androads, always focusing on the use of wood.
The park has a central square that connects the public with trails, playgrounds, exercise and rest areas, and viewpoints. It stands out for its landscape, urban integration and architecture, in addition to native forest reforestation.
The park also has a large wooden walkway of 5 meters wide and 80 meters long, as well as a 40-meter-high overhang, overlooking the Purapel River.
(highlighted in the following table) 40 2,612
Investment in USD
(please see Corporate Citizenship chapter) 209,000 374,255

To learn more about the most outstanding social programs and projects, visit our Integrated Report 2020, chapter Local Development.

Total beneficiaries of the CMPC Foundation

2018 2019 2020
Teacher Training Programs, Criando y Creciendo (Raising and Growing Up), Hippy Chile 8.9 thousand children 6.8 thousand children 5.3 thousand children
Alessandri Park in Coronel and Artequín Museum in Los Angeles 195 thousand visitors 160 thousand visitors 48.9 thousand visitors

Program beneficiaries and coverage of locations

2018 2019 2020
Children Locations Children Locations Children Locations
Teacher training   (accompanying schools) 8,012 11  5,407 9 3,704 9
Raising and Growing 1,100 4 1,172 5 1,111 5
Literary Promotion 7,200 9
HIPPY Chile 37 1 230 8 497 11

If you want to know more about the CMPC Foundation, visit fundacioncmpc.cl