Critical Suppliers

Critical suppliers at CMPC Celulosa, CMPC BioPackaging, and Softys, are defined according to the following criteria:

  • suppliers with high volume (or similar) delivery;
  • suppliers for critical components (or similar) for production; 
  • suppliers that are difficult to substitute (or similar).

At the same time, additional criteria are considered in each business:

CMPC Celulosa
  • Suppliers with annual purchases equal to or greater than USD 1 B
  • Suppliers of goods that are exclusive manufacturers
  • Industrial Maintenance: those that comply with the criteria to intervene in critical components and have an acceptable level of risk according to the “CEE Strategic Company Rating” matrix.
  • Local companies, for their social impact on their environment and our operations.
CMPC Biopackaging
  • Suppliers with annual purchases over USD 1 B
  • Suppliers of product families ranked in the matrix as “Highly Critical” and suppliers of essential input families, with less than 100 supplier companies in the corporate database.


With this matrix, 481 critical suppliers were identified in the three business units out of a total of 22.534 suppliers.