Corporate Citizenship

In addition to community engagement and local development, CMPC interacts with organizations and other companies, with which it cooperates to promote innovation, research and development. It never contributes to political organizations nor candidates, on the contrary, its corporate citizenship goes directly to society through partnerships, memberships, sponsorship, donations and corporate volunteer work.

Donations and social contributions in USD

In cash  6,527,621*
In time 4,816
In product 134,819
Total 6,667,256

Cash donations in USD

  2016 2017 2018 2019
Social donations and contributions    9,333,223 9,262,924 6,527,621*
To Industry associations, memberships or other tax exempt groups and think tanks   1,158,864 1.019.010 2,224,294

To universities and education in general

  924.786 1.291.857 359,462
Total   10,492,087 10,281,934 9,111,377
*The amount of social donations and contributions does not include the investment on CMPC Foundation, which is disclosed in Local Development category

Time-estimated donations in USD

  María Ayuda (South of Chile) Cottolengo (Santiago) Reforestation (Santiago) Villa Coigue School (South of Chile) Total
Volunteer days 3 6 2 1
Number of participants in each activity 13 10 5 7
Estimated time (hours per day)
Estimated time cost (in USD)  No information available 535 No information available 4,281 4,816

Product donations in USD

Diapers through the Food Network and Cottolengo Foundation 99,519
Personal care products to the municipalities of Puente Alto and Talagante and the Ladies of the Chilean Army Foundation (due to the social unrest in Chile) 13,916
Timber for research and development 21,384
Total 134,819
In addition, 163,448 living native plants were donated to the Let’s Reforest Foundation (Fundación Reforestemos) and the Chilean National Forest Corporation (CONAF) for restoration projects.