Community relationship framework

The search for opportunities for shared value and territorial coexistence are the fundamental principles of our community engagement, reflected in this framework of actions and areas of value creation.

At CMPC we believe in a working model based on the recognition of forestry and industrial activity impacts, and the management of disputes; The operations are carried out with consultation and agreement with the communities neighboring our plantations, managing the commitments acquired with them, through participatory diagnoses where the communities are the ones who prioritize their needs in economic, environmental and social issues.

On the other hand, we understand the importance of recognizing all communities, no native, native or traditional, in all the areas where we operate, which is why ILO Convention 169 on indigenous and tribal peoples is essential for all our relationship actions on these issues and complements our Mapuche ancestral authorities relations protocol.

We define a local community as the people, groups, leaders, authorities and representatives of the political-territorial sphere, as well as the organizations, corporations and companies that are related, or have an interest in being related, to the company, and/or are potentially impacted by the operations. Also, those that depend on the territory where the CMPC forestry or industrial operations are carried out.