Community engagement

We relate honestly and directly with the socio-cultural diversity of the people who live in the different environments in which we operate. Each business and subsidiary, as well as the CMPC Foundation, has policies, programs, projects and activities according to each detected need.

We define local community as people, groups, leaders, authorities, and representatives of the political-territorial sphere, as well as organizations, corporations, and companies that are related to, or have interest in relate to the company, and/or are potentially impacted by the operations. Also, the ones that depend on the territory where the different operations of CMPC are developed, whether they are forest, industrial or logistical.

At CMPC Celulosa: there is a working model based on the recognition of the impacts of forest and industrial activity, and the management of disputes; the operations are carried out with consultation and agreement with the communities neighboring the plantations, managing the commitments taken with them. Through different participative diagnosis, the communities prioritize their needs in economics, environmental and security issues. In these activities, wildfire prevention has emerged as a priority issue.

Some of the engagement activities between the operations and the community are as follows:

    • Regular meetings with social organizations.
    • Delivery of information on forest and industrial operations to the community.
    • Meetings with local public authorities.
    • Programs and workshops with neighbors and the community at large.
    • Opening of the plants for visits, where the population’s doubts are addressed and the production process is shown.
    • Environmental talks, which contribute to local awareness in this area.


All these activities are part of a Community Engagement Plan, which consists of the following stages:

1. Diagnosis and identification 2. Social investment 3. Monitoring and evaluation
Associative process defined by CMPC and the community to engage, with the objective of resolving disputes, contributing to the development, and generating local growth. Identification of joint work opportunities, critical points derived from the interaction (or not) between the company, the community, and local and/or national authority. Definition of metrics for the social evaluation of projects, facilitating future decision making.

Urban and rural communities in Chile 

Direct neighbors Community organizations Mapuche communities Municipalities Regions
195,000 1,450 396 133 6

Urban and rural communities in Guaiba, Brazil

Direct neighbors Community organizations
Industrial area Forest area (rural and traditional)
20 thousand 40 thousand 284
The company has a Policy of Engagement with Indigenous Communities within its Social Plan, which aims to express absolute respect for the ethnicity, traditions, and development options of different cultures.

Production assets with active community engagement

Assets with consultation over total assets in production  
Total 763/1,624 46.96%
CMPC Bosques Brazil 315/1,020 30.90%
CMPC Bosques Chile 418/562 74.30%
CMPC Pulp and CMPC Maderas 10/10 100.00%
CMPC Biopackaging 2/13 15.00%
Softys 18/19 94.00%

Note: during 2020 there were no development projects or community consultations associated with developments in the aforementioned operations.