Through CMPC Beyond, innovation in the company is practiced with a robust and forward-looking governance structure, as a critical response to the new needs and requirements of people, markets, and investors, with a focus on three strategic areas supported by sustainability goals in innovation. 

Innovation Governance at CMPC

Future and Innovation Committee (FIC)
Champion for CMPC Beyond
Future and Innovation Team (FIT) Beyond Ambassadors

Innovation focal points and outstanding initiatives

Circular Bioeconomics Enhanced Digital Transformation Linkage with the Environment
Sustainable packaging:

  • Molded pulp seedbeds;
  • CMPC Biopackaging products for delivery;
  • Pet Food Packaging;
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable Elite Eco primary packaging
Creation of the Data Management Department:

  • Monitoring, control, and use of data for business decision-making.
  • Programs with Universidad de Concepción:
    • ‘Mentoring’ Program;
    • ‘Technology Exploration’ Program
Sustainable Construction:

  • Thermo modified wood, Thermo solutions;
  • Plywood and sawn lumber with micronized copper;
  • G and G wood profiles;
  • Easy to install wood panels;
  • Gypsum board wood panels.
Best 4.0:

  • Advanced analytics program in operations, Best 4.0 (at CMPC Celulosa Laja and Pacifico, and CMPC Biopackaging in Maule).
  • Best 4.0 Academy with the University of Concepción.
  • Programs at CMPC Brazil:
    • Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (ESALQ) and the University of São Paulo: studies for the optimization of industrial processes through business intelligence.

  • Tall Oil Production;
  • Portfolio of projects for the use of hydrogen in operations;
  • Methanol production for the chemical and biofuels industry;
  • Development of Lignin applications;
  • Production of cellulose varieties with different degrees of whiteness;
  • Development of cellulose with lower whiteness at Softys;
  • Development of strategies to produce micro fibrillated cellulose.

  • Track Digital Automation: RPA first steps (robotic process automation)

  • CMPC Ventures
  • Start Up Day 2020

Innovation Sustainability Goals

For a more efficient and sustainable operation, innovating digitally and using data, developing new technologies that reduce emissions, industrial water and energy use, and more sustainable products is that, in 2020, the company launched its Innovation Sustainability Goals. They are as follows:

  • 30% of process improvements by 2025 should come from digital innovation and the use of data;
  • 20% of the specific sustainable development goals are to be achieved through innovative technology;
  • A percentage of the sales for the three business areas by 2025 must come from new products, businesses, or business models they did not offer by January 1, 2020.

Goal 8.2: Achieving higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technology upgrading, and innovation, focusing on high value-added and labor-intensive sectors.

Goal 9.4: Improving infrastructure and realigning industries to make them sustainable, using resources more efficiently, and promoting the adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes.