Waste and Side Stream Management

The CMPC production process generates a variety of waste and byproducts depending on the business area and subsidiary. Each type of waste is treated according to its material and whether it is hazardous or not.

Our corporate sustainable development goal in matters of waste is to become a zero waste to landfill company by 2025 through reducing waste generation, recovering byproducts and strengthening our circular economy model.

Performance in the year 2019 Percentage of completion 2025 goal
577,772 tons 14.3% Zero

Total waste (in metric tons) by type

2016 2017 2018 2019
Non-hazardous 2,261,390 99.8% 2,351,481 99.9%
Hazardous 3,583 0.2% 3,378 0.1%
Total 2,264,973 2,354,859