Sustainable Forest Management and Management Certifications

As part of our public commitment to eliminating deforestation and/or the degradation of forests, we adhere to strict sustainable forest management standards through various international certifications. This means that we strictly adhere to these principles in our own operations and strongly encourage compliance with them in third-party operations. This way we are able to ensure that almost all of the raw material we source for the use in our pulp and wood production is certified.

The company aims to maintain all of its certifications and increase their coverage to 100% of production and consumption by 2030.

  • In Chile and Brazil, forest plantations are certified for Sustainable Forest Management. In Argentina, while operating with the same focus, our plantations are certified under Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
  • We participate in various external initiatives to promote the implementation of sustainable forest management policies, working directly with those responsible for advising on and drafting policies on the subject matter such as government entities, trade associations, community organizations, and NGOs, as well as financing relevant research. In all of these instances, the company advocates for the importance of forest certifications and compliance with their requirements.
  • Since 2006 in Chile and 2009 in Brazil, we have been working on bringing back native species in our nurseries Carlos Douglas in Los Angeles, Chile, and Barba Negra in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  • We are active members of The Forests Dialogue, New Generation Plantations and Forests Solution Group, the last two forming part of WWF and WBCSD, respectively.
  • In order to ensure the traceability and quality of our fiber in each business area, we also have Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood Certifications.

Forest assets, productive and conservation area in ha

2016 2017 2018 2019
Total forest assets 1,051,119 1,151,491 1,152,545 1,189,680
Total productive surface area 831,016 866,380
Areas for conservation, protection and/or restoration 321,529 325,995

Certified forest assets in ha

  2016 2017 2018 2019
Own forest assets 1,083,351 1.,081,832
Percentage of CMPC forest assets that are certified 90.2% 90.3%
Third-party forest assets 64,720 162,649
Percentage of third-party forest assets that are certified 100% 41%

Raw material produced and certified in m3

  2016 2017 2018 2019
All raw material produced (CMPC + third-party) 20,217,000 20,838,000
Percentage of raw material produced by CMPC from the total 88.4% 84.5%
Percentage of raw material produced by third parties from the total 14.9% 18.1%
Certified raw material as a portion of the total consumption 97% 97%