In Chile, June 2016, Law Nº 20,920 “Waste Management, Extended Responsibilities of Manufacturers and Promoting Recycling” was published by the Ministry for the Environment, from thereon dubbed the REP Law. The intention driving the new law is to reduce waste production, and encourage its reuse, recycling or valuation.

Products prioritized and regulated by the REP Law are: oil, lubricant, batteries of all types, electrical and electronic devices, tires, packaging and containers, newspapers, periodicals and magazines.

Empresas CMPC, operating within the framework of the new REP Law, has long been committed to care for the environment and business sustainability, however this requires the collaboration of its suppliers, in particular Suppliers of Priority Products imported into Chile.

What information are we asking of our suppliers?

All our suppliers should inform us of the material nature of the packaging of products sold to us, in accordance with the information stipulated in the Form “Packaging and Containers”.

In addition, in the case the commercialized product is a/an: “Electrical or Electronic Device”, “Battery of any type”, “Oil-based Lubricants” or “Tires”, suppliers must also report on their characteristics as per the information requested in the form for each Priority Product. You can find said forms at the following link, and then clicking on the REP button.

The information described above, plus the Purchase Order, are mandatory requirements for all our suppliers to fulfill the indicated product characteristics.

The information must be sent to CMPC for every single dispatch to the company, and must be part of the requested shipping documentation.

Undoubtedly your collaboration in this process will aid us greatly in successfully complying with the regulations, regulations that seek to improve waste management in our country.

Click on the link below to see the REP Law Glossary.