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Mission and vision

CMPC’s mission is to produce and sell wood, pulp, paper and tissue products in a sustainable manner using man-made cultivated tree farms, thereby ensuring superior quality and competitiveness, adding value to both its shareholders and clients, and creating opportunities for personal development and growth of its employees and local communities alike.

To accomplish the above, CMPC proposes:

  • To develop solid business relations with diverse global clients using a customer oriented business structure and an integrated logistics network.
  • To apply the principles of Sustainable Development, contributing to economic and social development of the countries it operates in, as well as protecting the environment.
  • To promote practices which protect free enterprise for their benefit to the consumer and allowing greater efficiency when assigning resources and promoting innovation.
  • To provide its employees with integral development, giving them a strong sense of identity, encouraging commitment and high performance in their respective work teams.
  • To use modern technology in all its processes, achieving high standards of safety and personnel protection while safeguarding the environment.
  • To strictly adhere to all the laws and regulations pertaining to each country the company currently operates in.
  • To base corporate culture on keeping the given word, honesty, work done well, and personal endeavor throughout the entire organization.
  • To reject vigorously child labor and any and all forms of discrimination.