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For CMPC, excellence in management includes integral conduct, responsibility, and loyalty of every collaborator in the business chain. We are all convinced that ethical behavior favors building trusting relationships, and increases credibility with our clients. In this sense, ethics forms a fundamental part of our business strategy, and is essential to building solid and honest business relations that contribute to the company’s growth, the growth of its employees, and society as a whole.


In the five key values below we summarize how we have developed the business over the last 95 years.

RESPECT for people:

We respect everyone we interact with as dignified human beings. As a result we treat clients and others politely but honestly, communicating with them frankly. We trust our collaborators and place our trust and loyalty in them, always operating in good faith. We also safeguard their integrity and good health.

CARING for the environment:

We follow a policy of sustainable development, promoting care for the environment and natural resources, ensuring their continuance for future generations. We are fully committed to protecting the environment.


We deeply respect the legal regulations that govern our corporate activities. All the boards of directors, executives and directors are fully committed to complying with legislation in every aspect involved in our businesses.

LOYALTY to free enterprise:

We truly believe in the model of free enterprise as a keystone of our market economy. We believe it favors development leading to greater abundance of greater quality products and services at lower prices for the consumer.

CONSIDERATION of our neighbor’s needs:

We have built a relationship of collaboration and trust with our neighbors in an effort to maximize all the social benefits of our operations. We are open and ready to service all of our client’s needs, first identifying them, and then identifying possibilities for collaboration