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CMPC Papeles has a business structure of four subsidiaries engaged in the production and sale of boxboard, paper for corrugation and industrial use, multipurpose corrugated cardboard boxes, industrial bags and molded pulp trays.

The company also has an additional subsidiary specialized in the distribution of paper and another that is responsible for paper and cardboard recycling.

The Subsidiaries:

Cartulinas CMPC: The company is engaged in the production and sale of boxboard. Thanks to wide experience and advanced technology, it delivers products of the highest quality in Chile, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Papeles Cordillera: This subsidiary produces and sells liner kraft paper for corrugation, paper for packaging and the construction industry, as well as laminated paper and paper for industrial use.
Envases Impresos Roble Alto: This company produces corrugated cardboard for industrial sectors in general, including the fruit, salmon and wine industries.
Forsac: This subsidiary is in the multiwall paper bag business and has operations in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.
Chimolsa: This subsidiary produces molded pulp trays for the export of apples and avocados, as well as for egg cartons and trays.
Edipac: This company sells all types of paper in the Chilean market, including both CMPC products and those produced by third parties.
Sorepa: This subsidiary collects and recycles used paper and cardboard boxes to be used as raw material at the various Company production mills.



US$ 131 million
Consolidated EBIDTA
US$ 950
Total consolidated sales in millions
357,000 tons
Total cardboard sales in tons
302,000 tons
Total sales Papeles Cordillera in tons
174,000 tons
Total sales Envases Impresos Roble Alto in tons
95,000 tons
Total sales EDIPAC in tons


CEO – Luis Llanos C.

Luis Llanos studied Engineering at the Universidad de Chile and received a master’s degree in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Llanos began working at CMPC in 1986 and has worked in several positions at CMPC linked to business development, planning and strategy. He was appointed our Chief Financial Officer in 2004. In September 2015, he assumed as CEO CMPC Papers.

Board of Directors

Luis Felipe Gazitúa Achondo
Hernán Rodríguez Wilson
Vivianne Blanlot Soza
Andrés Echeverría Salas
Jorge Matte Capdevila
Bernardo Matte Izquierdo
Washington Williamson Benaprés