Mission, Values and Corporate Purpose


Our mission is to produce and market – from man-developed plantations – wood, cellulose, paper and tissue products in a manner sustainable over time, with superior and competitive quality, adding value to its shareholders and customers and creating development opportunities for its workers and local communities.

We seek to be sustainable over time to achieve good economic performance through respect for stakeholders and care for the environment.


To fulfill this mission, all those who are part of CMPC guide their actions according to the five fundamental values of the company:

Respect for persons:

We respect all persons with whom we interact, as human beings entitled to dignity. In all operations we value good manners, frankness, loyalty, trust and good faith. We care for the integrity and health of persons.


Care for the environment:

We adhere to sustainable development, promoting care for the environment and natural resources so as not to affect future generations.


Strict compliance with legal regulations:

We respect the legal regulations that govern CMPC activities. All directors, executives and workers are committed to strict compliance with current legislation in all aspects involved in business activities.


Fair competition:

We value free competition as the essence of market economy, since it favors the development of more and better products and services, at lower prices for consumers.


Consideration for the needs of neighbors:

We build a relationship of collaboration and trust with neighbors in order to maximize social benefits from operations, having an attentive and open attitude, identifying their needs and possibilities for collaboration.


Corporate Purpose

Create the best solutions for persons’ genuine needs.

Because we are present in persons’ daily lives, through products derived whether from cellulose, wood or recycled paper.

Coexist with our stakeholders generating opportunities for mutual development

Because we know that we have a privileged position to contribute to the positive transformation of the environments that we are part of, we strongly and determinedly promote ways of being and doing that allow us to achieve better living conditions, both for current and future generations.

Preserve our environment, because we understand that our work depends on natural resources
We are fully aware that today we are a global company, part of a new era that challenges companies and citizens to renew their production, consumption and coexistence patterns, moving from a linear to a circular economy.
We are committed to sustainable profitability, which we understand as harmony between benefits for society, economy and the environment which, as a whole, allows deployment of the potential of all persons, regardless of their origin, gender and socioeconomic status.