Mission, Values and Corporate Purpose


The company’s mission is to produce and market in a sustainable manner – on the basis of man-made plantations – wood, pulp, paper and tissue products of first-rate quality that are competitive, add value for its stockholders and customers and create development opportunities for its employees and local communities.

The goal of sustainability seeks to achieve good economic performance through respect for interest groups and regard for the environment.


In order to fulfill this mission, everyone connected to CMPC orients their activities around the following 5 values:

Respect for the individual:

Each person respects every other person with whom they interact as human beings possessing of dignity. In all company operations, consideration, frankness, loyalty, trust and politeness are highly valued. The company safeguards the integrity and health of each individual.


Protection of the environment:

The company espouses sustainable development, promotes protection of the environment and natural resources so as not to cause detriment to future generations.


Strict compliance with legal regulations:

The company respects all legal regulations that govern CMPC operations. All directors, executives and employees are committed to the strict fulfillment of the law in force in all aspects pertaining to the development of business activities.


Competitive loyalty:

The company respects free competition as the core value of the market economy, as it favors the development of more and better products and services at a lower cost to the consumer.


Consideration of the needs of its neighbors:

The company has established a relationship of collaboration and trust with its neighbors in order to maximize the social benefits of its operations, maintaining an attitude of consideration and openness, identifying their needs and opportunities for collaboration.


Corporate Purpose

Coexist with our stakeholders to generate opportunities for mutual development.

Because we know that we occupy a privileged position to contribute to the positive transformation of the environments in which we engage, we strongly and determinedly urge ways of being and acting that would help us achieve better standards of living for both current and future generations.

Conserveour environment, because we understand that our work depends on natural resources.

We are fully aware that we are a global enterprise, part of a new paradigm that challenges companies and citizens to renovate their blueprints on production, consumption and coexistence, to switch from a linear economy to a circular one.

The company is committed to sustainable profitability, that it understands to be harmony between the benefits to society, the economy and the environment, that together enable the potential of each individual to be developed, independent of origin, gender or socioeconomic status.