R + D + I

Research, development and innovation

The forestry industry has reached the current levels of sustainability, efficiency and production thanks to complete modernization and innovation processes that range from the selection of plants, crops and studies in nurseries to plantations and their subsequent management. In the development of new products we also find great advances and examples of innovation.

Reducing the amount of water that a pine or eucalyptus needs for its growth, ensuring that wood with which your home will be built is resistant to fungi or insects, that araucarias of southern Chile manage to defeat a virus that affects them, that dozens of species that were on the verge of extinction come back to life, that that gift for your loved one arrives safely at its destination or that your child’s diapers last all night are just some examples of how research, development and innovation are part of our fiber.

A few specific examples of some of our latest innovations:

CMPC Packaging

CMPC Cartulinas worked on the manufacture of Natural Kraft, a “natural uncoated boxboard”, a product that maintains conventional boxboard characteristics, eliminating the final plastering. Plastering is a coating of one or several layers that add different qualities, including weight, surface, ink absorbency reduction, among others.

The plaster is generally composed of 78% kaolin and calcium carbonate, which represents on average just under 10% of the total weight of the gloss paper.

By eliminating the plaster, the use of chemicals in the process was also reduced, generating a reduction in the carbon footprint of the product.

In this way, CMPC provides the market with a packaging material that stands out thanks to its natural appearance, which favors the use of unbleached fibers and without the incorporation of the final plastering layer, giving customers a new alternative for packaging products through innovative solutions.


Among the latest innovations launched on the market is DUO toilet paper, which has a four meter mini roll inside, maximizing its use by changing the cardboard roll for more paper; the launch of Nova Evolution Towel, with new technology paper that allows more absorption using less paper; and Elite Gold toilet paper in the Premium segment of the Mexican market.


The company develops a genetic improvement program that has meant significant increases in the yields of pine and eucalyptus plantations. This program has used conventional techniques, without the use of transgenics, that is, without the transfer of genes from one organism to another, but supported by the latest technological advances for early selection and propagation technologies, which has allowed it to obtain faster growth of the species.

Innovations in forestry have been aimed at improving plant quality techniques, soil preparation techniques, weed control that guarantee high productivity and also maintain plantation homogeneity, as well as improve water efficiency in the uses of soil and species growth, through the eucahydro program.

In addition, a plywood board with micronized copper impregnation was developed, which is used in exterior walls. This product prevents the attack of termites and rotting fungi; additionally, it has protection against UV rays.