Corporate Policies and Regulations

Code of CMPC Corporate Governance Policies and Procedures

The Code contains the policies and procedures approved to implement the agreements and practices that CMPC Board of Directors has voluntarily adopted on Corporate Governance, which will be reviewed annually.

Business as Usual Policy

The Policy deals with the usual ordinary operations of the corporate line of business of Empresas CMPC S.A. with related parties.

Information Management Manual

The Manual refers to all information that, without having the character of essential fact or information, is useful for an adequate financial analysis of Empresas CMPC S.A. and its subsidiaries or the securities issued by them.

Corporate Governance Manual

The Manual establishes principles and rules that determine the Corporate Governance of Empresas CMPC S.A.


This document contains the bylaws of Empresas CMPC S.A.

Integrity and Compliance

Code of Ethics

Document that establishes the principles and values ​​of CMPC that must serve as a guideline to influence the conduct of all those working for the Company.

Integrity Policy - Corporate Probity

Policy that presents the Company’s commitment regarding anti-corruption, establishing minimum behavior standards that the Company expects and requires from all persons working for it to face the potential risks of corruption to which the development and operation of its businesses may be exposed.

Integrity Policy - Free Competition

Policy that presents the Company’s commitment regarding free competition, establishing minimum behavior standards that the Company expects and requires from all persons working for it to prevent anti-competitive conduct in the different markets in which it participates.

Prevention Model

Document that establishes the elements, corporate guidelines and main controls of CMPC Crime Prevention Model (Law No. 20,393).

Reporting Hotline Practical Guide

As a backup for our Complaint Line, we share, for its knowledge, its practical use guideline

Sustainability Social Dimension

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Policy that presents the company’s commitment regarding diversity and inclusion with respect to all persons working for it.

Human Rights Policy

Sustainability Environmental Dimension

Environmental Policy

In the vast territory where we have a presence and influence through our forests and forest plantations, production mills and various activities of our businesses, our efforts are focused on minimizing environmental impacts.

Climate Change Policy

At CMPC we assume responsibility for climate action, in line with our mission, values and corporate purpose.

Responsible Procurement

Code of conduct for suppliers