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Work Relations

Long-standing labor relations that generate trust

A good work environment is highly valued at CMPC, since this fosters a personal and team work spirit. Coordinated work with union organizations has been fundamental in establishing continuous, transparent and proactive communication between CMPC management and workers.

There are 46 union groups at CMPC, with registered membership of 60% of the workers at 31 December 2015. The three oldest unions at CMPC are the following:

  • Papeles Cordillera Workers Union No. 1, formed in 1927. It is recognized as the oldest union still active in Chile.
  • Papeles Cordillera Workers Union No. 2, formed in 1931.
  • CMPC Celulosa Laja Mill Merged Workers Union, the continuation of Unions No. 1 and No. 2, formed in 1961 and 1966.
Forestry: 68% 68%
Pulp: 55%, 55%
Paper: 61%, 61%
Tissue: 61%, 62%
Shared services and others: 5%, 5%
Total: 60% 61%

CMPC has:

46 union groups representing 60% of workers.
68% of CMPC workers covered by a collective bargaining agreement or contract at December 2015

Risk Prevention Policy Improves Health and Safety at Work

At CMPC, collaborative work with the unions and other worker representatives has achieved advances in occupational health and safety.

Most workers participate in the Joint Health and Safety Committees, with 95% taking part in 2015. In Chile, these committees are established in accordance with Law 16,744. In the other countries where CMPC has operations, similar committees have been set up following the most important aspects of the Chilean legislation.

Accident Rates

In 2015, the consolidated accident rate for CMPC was 2.4 accidents involving lost work time per 100 workers, 20% lower than the figure of three accidents registered in 2014. This improvement has been achieved through the promotion of a culture of prevention and self-care within CMPC.