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CMPC Celulosa

CMPC Celulosa promotes a harmonious and positive relationship with the people and communities in the areas where it has a presence. This is achieved through transparency, dialogue and actions that are designed to satisfy the local needs, in addition to meeting the Company’s own goals.


The company sponsors a sports and recreation program that provides training, competition and enjoyment to local people, through tournaments and championships in various disciplines and sporting activities designed for large group participation.

A cultural and recreational activities program gives local people of different ages the opportunity for cultural self-advancement and enjoyment. The program is run through cultural and recreational workshops, and also through activities for large audiences.

This program seeks to contribute to individual and community development with psychosocial services and training aimed at strengthening the bond of trust and collaboration between the Company and the local communities.

As part of the program, there is a leadership school and psychosocial workshops for the community. Psychosocial assistance is also provided, and donations are made to neighborhood associations. Courses are run through SENCE (Chilean National Training Service) to train socially underprivileged people in skills that give them access to quality jobs.

Provides comprehensive support to projects and entrepreneurship that are original and creative initiatives at individual and community level, and that improve the quality of life for neighbors and communities. This is performed through school for leaders and advisory regarding formulation, presentation and implementation of social projects.

This program provides integrated support on an individual and community level to projects and new business ventures that are original and creative and that are designed to improve the quality of life of local residents. Assistance is given through a leadership school and training in the creation, presentation and execution of social projects.

This program seeks to provide periodic information to interest groups (authorities, leaders, local people and workers) about the programs and activities that are being carried out in order to encourage participation and collaboration. Working groups are set up with social leaders, meetings are held with local authorities and activities are covered and promoted in the media.

The company organizes visits to its facilities so that authorities, local residents, students and journalists can gain a better understand CMPC mills and productive processes.